Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships

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Feb 18, 2002
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Has anyone participated in a Summer Undergraduate Research fellowship? How realistic is it to be accepted to these? I'm from a small university, and from what I read they tend to favor these types of school. I just don't know how much though. Any insight into any aspect of these programs would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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I may have some info for you. I participated in Summer Research @Harvard last summer. PM me with specific questions ...
Once you have some research experience, good GPA, evaluations and specific research interests you should be able to get a placement--it could be a little competitive. Good luck
are you refering to something like an REU (research experience for the undergrad)? I did one last summer at Univeristy of Kentucky. I'm from a very small school in New York, but had no problem getting in (I also applied to one at Albany Med and got in). As long as you have a decent gpa, good rec's and are seriously looking to do research then you have a chance. I thought I wanted to do grad work in biochemistry (my major) but my summer experience showed me that lab research is not what I want to do.

Keep the deadlines for the programs in mind - most of the programs "advertised" here have closed. Good Luck!
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Yeah, most of the websites I visited called them either REU or SURP (Summer Undergraduate Research Program). May be the same things with different names, but I'm not sure. I did find some info on the UK program, and it drew my attention b/c I'm from KY. But I really want to get out a little and experience another part of the country. However, I would take a position wherever I got one.

Also, do the directors of these programs look down on people wanting to go to Med school instead of a Masters or PhD program? I do have interest in doing some kind of research though when I hopefully get in Med School and after I get out.

Thanks for the info.
check your PM's. :)
I am also from a pretty small school, which worked to my advantage in applying to summer research programs. I didn't really think it through too much...i just chose a few and took my chances. Somehow I got into a program. I made my Med. School intentions clear. Even though most programs are geared towards future Ph.D.s, I think program directors see the benefit of including future M.D.s as well. Anyway, it was a great experience. I worked my tail off (+60 hrs a week), but I worked with a great group of researchers and students, many of whom I still speak to today.
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Try this website above. It has tons and tons of different locations with different research programs. Im going to the one at Penn State (REU) this summer and it wasn't that hard to get in at all. I ended getting accepted to one at Notre Dame, UPitt/ Carnegie Mellon, and Kansas as well. Check it out.
Thanks to everyone for your help. I'm beginning to look at some of these programs to get an idea of what I want to do, and your info has helped me tremendously.
I did one of the NIH internships, freaking awesome time. freaking awesome.
The SURF at Rockefeller U was pretty sweet. You get to live in posh apartments on the upper west side. I think about half of us were pre-meds.
Here at UCSD...a lot of summer programs specifically preclude pre-med students, but we do have a nice pre-MSTP research thing.
try the NIH, <a href="" target="_blank"></a> I think you can apply online. there are a lot of summer students who get these followships, maybe a little competitive, but I'm not really sure about that.
One of my friends was part of a great research program at Case Western. He's returning there once again this summer.

There's also a really great research/clinical research program at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, which I participated in last summer. It's a totally amazing program! They're the biggest pediatric oncology center in the world, and the facilities are unbelievable, not to mention what an awesome working environment you have there.

Here's the link: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Please don't hesitate to PM me with any questions!

For those of you who have gone through REUs or SURFs, what are the atmostphere and working conditions like? Are the advisors intimidating or do they expect you to know everything? Or do they realize it's a learning experience and help the students along?

Also, I've been surfing around some and I found a great website. It's not a complete guide to all of these programs, but it is very informative, broad, and esay to use. <a href="" target="_blank"></a>