Oct 8, 2010
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If you just want to be a doctor, but don't want to do research wouldn't it be better to do some sort of intense volunteer program in the summer instead of research internships?


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May 22, 2008
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If you don't want to do research, don't do research. You will spend your summer doing something you hate and be unhappy. That said, understand that the "top" schools all but require research experience. A fair majority of their matriculants have done research (see MSAR for specific numbers).

I think it's important that you do SOMETHING. Do whatever you find interesting and will be a meaningful experience. If it's volunteering, then do that. If it's some kind of clinical experience, do that.


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Jan 15, 2009
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Shadow a couple interesting specialties while doing a few hours of volunteering a week. I would do research(if you wanted) during the school year.

Try to nab a spot with a surgeon/professor at a medical school, they are AWESOME when it comes to watching. :D
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