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Aug 30, 2004
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Was just wondering about this program. On their website it talks about a combined program, but can't find anything definite. Do they have a combined program and is it 3 years? Also if anyone knows are most of their fellows internal candidates or is their a chance for the rest of us. Appreciate any information. Thanks!


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Aug 21, 2006
Buffalo, NY
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I don't know about the length of the Heme/Onc fellowship (am applying for Ob/Gyn). I know for Gyn Onc fellwship at SUNYBuffalo/Rosewell, they do tend to pick internally if possible. I talked to the senior ob/gyn resident who is going into Gyn onc, and he said that they do 'favor' internal candidates. And that seeems to be true if the candidates wants to stay at the same program, at least at my school programs.
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