SUNY Upstate vs. SUNY Downstate

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Feb 26, 2013
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Hi everyone,

I recently was accepted to Downstate, after being on hold for spring consideration.

At this point, I was committed to Upstate and felt that it would be a good fit, but now I'm having a difficult time assessing which will be the all around best choice for me. I was in Syracuse very briefly for my interview and that was back in October- might need to visit again. I went exploring again around Downstate yesterday.

Can any current students (especially those who perhaps were accepted/ interviewed or visited both schools) comment on:

The teaching styles/ curricula at the two schools?

Prep for Step 1

Grading/ internal ranking

Lifestyle/camaraderie among your class at the two schools?

Clinical preparation/rotations

Thoughts re: amount of elective rotations offered 4th year/ diversity of rotation sites etc?


Any other big factors that influenced your decisions?

Thanks so much!
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