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Jul 16, 2002
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Hi I am a recently graduated pre-med who has applied to a variety of schools. My G.P.A is terribly low at 3.045 cum and 2.75 science. My MCAT was a little better at 28Q (10V, 9PS, 10 BS). My activities are strong and so are my letters of rec. I understand my chances are slim, but I have some hope. My question is I had heard that some medical schools offer an opportunity for not-accepted pre-meds to take the same classes as medical students for a year to prove your abilities. I know I can handle the load, and I am confident that I can prove myself. Do any of you guys and gals know about such an opportunity and how I could sign up? Also, I was advised by the university of Minnesota-Duluth to retake the classes I didn't do so well in. So my last question is if the first opportunity exists which choice would be more beneficial? Thank you so much.



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Jul 15, 2001
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I know one person who's at Georgetown doing what you have described. He's taking classes with medical students those classes are credited towards a masters in physiology or some similar subject. He was telling me that if you do well in those classes and you are in top 10 or 20 students you are automatically accepted to the medical school. That's the only program I've heard that you can do that.

Anyone else have any ideas about other programs out there?


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Jun 10, 2002
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do a search for the Finch applied physiology program. I dont know much about it, but according to posts i've seen in the past a B average gets you into their med school.
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Mar 20, 2002
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I believe MCP Hahneman (sp?) has a post-bac program that guarantees an interview at their medical school.


i know bryn mawr college near philly has an extremely successful post-bacc program in which people are accepted to a number of medical schools before mcats etc...
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