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Sure are lots of SDNers this year!


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May 15, 2002
    Hi guys,

    Wow, when I was applying last year I didn't recall many UTMB SDNer's....congrats to all of you. I'm a first year, and we're on our last, and toughest block (neuroanatomy) before an 8 week break, thank god. Actually its 2am on a Friday and what am I doing....here on campus thinking of new ways to procrastinate!!! If any of you have questions shoot me a pm. I think some of the 4th years summed it all up pretty well.
    Basically I'd say try to find a place close by early, make sure your financial matters are taken care so you'll get your money, settle in and relax!!! Oh yeah, as soon as you get access to the anatomy lab, go raid it for old copies of the Netter's and Grant's Atlases (your bibles for Gross). It will be very helpful during lab and save you from having to buy an extra copy, which you'll leave behind anyway cause it'll get juiced up pretty good! Some of you may want to look into the pre-matric program, it does give you a bit of an advantage but at the expense of losing out on some of your summer. Various groups will be throwing parties at the start of the year so make sure you go to those, good time to socialize and make friends. Well gotta go learn some neuro, see ya'll soon!

    :clap: :clap: :clap:
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