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May 5, 2002
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I have a question for people who are in a surgical residency or who know alot about getting into one like ortho or ENT. I have a 2nd year friend at another med school. He has alway been interested in doing medicine as opposed to surgery. But this year he has really expressed interest in going to surgery. The only problem that he discovered was that he is a carrier for hep B. It is not active so he is okay, but obviously he is still able to pass it. iI guess now he is really bummed because his dean says no surgical program will accept him. I feel really bad and I want to help him or give him some optimistic advice, but I am not interested in surgery, so I have no idea about it. For those who know, is that true that he can never do surgery becaue he is a carrier? Or are their programs that will not really consider it. I mean, he is in med school after all and will do rotations. Any feedback would be great. Thanks
I posted it here also because more people read this forum.


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May 1, 2001
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If he has chronic active dz. he would prob. no be able to obtain privledges @ a hospital for surgery.
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