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Discussion in 'Medical Students - DO' started by Alexander DeLarge, Jul 12, 1999.

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    How difficult is it to land a solid surgical residency position as a D.O.? What advice can you give to a incoming medical student to best prepare for this?
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    Dear Stanley K.,

    as far as obtaining a surgical residency, you have two options generaly. One, go acgme and apply to programs that are typically (but not always) at larger hospitals and compete in generaly larger applicant pools. Two, go aoa and apply to programs that are typically (but not always) smaller and have smaller applicant pools. I have heard this in response to questions about comparisions between the two routes. The acgme programs MAY offer more surgical pathology (esp if you are talking about heart transplants or something at someplace like NYU or Rush), but may have less autonomy and early hands on experience than DO programs.

    In reality you will have to be very very good in all respects as a med student to get a surgical residency. The people in my class who want surgery are driven beyond belief-they are the people who don't sleep for three days before exams. And doing very well in anatomy is without question a must.

    That said, "vidi well brother..."


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