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May 2, 2006
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As I submit my application, I will have 3-4 LORs to every program. However, during the fall as I participate in away rotations and collect more LORs, how would I go about adding them to ERAS so PDs can see that I am validated far beyond from what my mom thinks of me? Can I switch some LORs out and add these? OPTION 2: APPLY WITH ONLY 3 LORS AND HOPE THAT I GET A 4TH ONE DURING NOV/DEC AWAY ROTATIONS. OPTION 3: JUST GIVE PDs a copy personally as I go on the interview trail.

And the best initial step in managment of this case would be.....?


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Jun 6, 2001
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You can submit LORs with your ERAS application. You can change which LORs correlate to any program at any time (delete one or add an extra one too), HOWEVER, if you've already submitted one and your school uploaded it, the program may or may not already have a "hard copy" of the LOR you want deleted or changed. Some programs print all of them off when they get them thru ERAS, and some programs upload them on an as-needed basis. If ERAS still doesn't say a certain LOR is uploaded at the time you make the change, then you know the program does not and will not get a copy of the 1st LOR you changed.
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