Oct 16, 2009
I will be a pgy 1 at a top 20 psych program and top 20 hospital next year. I have great psych research and great letters from psych and int med. Unfortunately, I did my rads rotation one month ago and fell in love with it, even more than psych. What can I do??????

My biggest hurdle is my step one score which is bw 200-210. I got upper 230's on Step 2 which is much better but not amazing. I went to an average-respectable american medical school with avg grades. Is there any chance I would be able to match after my PGY-1 year? If there is what can I do to increase this chance?? Please help, it will be so much appreciated! THANKS!


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Jan 4, 2002
Attending Physician
I'm assuming since you didn't even do a rads rotation in the summer you were never even entertaining the possibility of doing radiology in 3rd year. So you basically recanted on your entire career on a 1 month rotation?

I think you need to cool down and think very carefully about this possibility that you are about to embark. There are ways to do neuroimaging in psych if that's what you are primarily interested in. There are ways to switch altogether into rads, and probably entails you finishing 1st year training and fulfilling all transitional year requirements, reapply and match, most likely either at your home program or some random lower-tier program around the country. However, you'll be reading MRI of the knee and CT of the pelvis for the rest of of your life. Or perhaps you are aiming for a fellowship in neurorads? Then it's a long road of training. Be very very careful.