take a year off? upcoming junior

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May 13, 2009
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Alright, im starting to wonder what i should do, i would really love to enter medical school right out of College but im not sure if that would be the best decision for me.

next year ill start my junior year with a 3.05 GPA at public school in Ohio. Its finally hit me that im started to mess up badly, and not sure what i should do.Im currently a Microbiology major with a chemistry minor.

Ive already taken 80 Cr in 2 yrs. so thats part of why i feel that im suffering GPA wise along with just being an overall slacker (finally realized i can do what i did in high school, oops:smack:) next year im only taking 13 Cr and i know i can get A's in all my classes.

question is Even if i get all A's this next year ill end up with a ~3.3 gpa. I can take the MCAT next year and i feel i would do decent, i did amazing on ACT and SAT so i know how to study for standardized test.

Should I take the MCAT and apply this coming year or should i take a year off? I could really use help since my school doesnt have Pre-Med advisors let alone anything to help pre-med students. also if i take the year off what should i plan to do? Thanks im advance i appreciate all the help

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If you are planning to apply only to allopathic med schools, I think it would benefit your GPA if you apply after you graduate. If necessary, even stay a fifth year (maybe add a 2nd minor) if you need to get it higher. During the glide year while you are waiting, you should choose something that will further enhance your application if you end up applying a second time, like a medically-related job or research, and some regular volunteer work.

If you do well on the MCAT, you could potentially apply to DO schools after your junior year with a GPA of 3.3, if you'd have all the usual extracurriculars by a year from now.