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Take out more loans than budgeted by the medical school? Is this Possible?


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Aug 28, 2001
    Hi everyone,

    Is it possible to take out more loans as a medical student than what the school budgets us? (ie. through a loan company)

    For instance, if my med school budgeted my budget to be 50k a year, and I wanted more money so I can support a family, can I as a medical school student be eligible to borrow more money? If so, what company would you suggest?


    - Focus

    P.S. I know that some loan companies ( I think such as MedLoan) will only lend out up to your budget total...so I'm looking for other companies.


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    Dec 13, 2002
      hey i posted this same question a week ago or something and i did some research and you can get various loans on top of ur student loans but hte problem is that they do not let you defer the loans till after residency or even school sometimes. Some allowed u to defer till after school but then u have ot start paying back at residency which owuld not be fun. Check out bankone and wellsfargo, both had loans like this. Actually both made you pay interest payments while in school, no deferment on those. which turned me away from them but if you are willing to make some payments while attanding then you coudl defeintly find one. ok good luck!
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