I know this is the pre-dent forum but does anybody know if people in dental school who majored in bio and took advanced science courses had a real advantage over people that didn't take those courses and majored in a social science?


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Jun 11, 2009
Minneapolis, MN
Dental Student
I cant speak from personal experience yet cuz I havent started yet but I would have to think its gives you an advantage considering almost all of dental school requires a knowledge of advanced biology and chemistry. It gives you an advantage because you can spend less time on studying concepts you already have learned. That frees up more time to study specifics and other subjects. The person who graduated in social science and didnt take a lot of advanced bio classes will have to put in more time studying because they havent seen the material before. I'm not saying this will reflect grades because maybe the person with the social science degree works harder. I dont think there is necessarily a correlation with grades in dental school.