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Jul 22, 2006
Hey, I signed up for this new program at my school named "Earth Sustainability"
Basically, you take it in 4 semesters consecutively. The class is small at only 30 students and you will stay with the same group for the duration of the 2 years. Now, the name is a bit misleading. It sounds like a geology class which partly true. But really talks about all aspects of the world including politics, culture, and all that other good stuff. By taking this course, you fulfill all the univeristy's core requirements except math which is no big deal.

Now, I am worried that since this course fulfills several core requirements in just one class, will this detrimental to my admission to Med School in the future?

I am a bio major and will take all traditional BCPM courses to complete other requirements. I plan to do extremely well as a bio major. With all this in mind will this course effect how I gain admission to school? Do not get me wrong, I am taking this course because it is very interesting to me. It is just a side benefit to have many of your core requirements done when you pass the course. So keep in mind that I am not taking this course solely because it does this.

Thanks....btw I keep hearing med schools are quite interested in students engaging in non-traditional ways of learning, is this true? I do consider this course a bit unorthodox. The program just finished its first 2 year group last year and it was a big success.


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Jul 6, 2006
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I don't see why it would affect you negatively, except that you'll have to take English (which I'm assuming is a core requirement at your school... I may be wrong). But as with the last poster, who am I to say?