Taking OAT before finishing prereq's, will I be ready?


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Aug 3, 2009
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Hey Guys,

I just had a quick question for those who have already taken the OAT. I plan to begin my prerequisite classes this fall/spring, and want to try and take the OAT by the end of summer 2010. In those two semesters, I plan to take bio 1/2, chem 1/2, and physics 1/2, all w/ labs. My question is, provided I spend most of my summer studying, will these 6 classes sufficiently prepare me to take the OAT? I know there is an organic chem portion of the test which I plan to get tutored for. Other than that, I just wanted to see if the first half of the prerequisite classes (above) + studying/practice OAT's would adequately prepare for the test. I've read a few past threads and most people agree to take it early, but only after taking Ochem.

Thanks in advance!

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Dec 2, 2008
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I dunno, will you be ready? If you do your work, you can learn the material and do just find. I guess it depends how well you are able to self-study.

I took the OAT in the December of my senior year, and my upper division courses for my biochem major really made the OAT a lot easier (a loooooooottttttttttttt easier, in my experience). I only studied for one week and scored pretty damn well.

I think getting a good OAT score trumps early admission, especially if you want to get into a top school or a state school. It really sucks to be put on hold because you applied early but have mediocre stats.

If you can learn the material yourself (which is very possible, although you'll really have to practice ochem and read your book closely (don't skip the text and solely look at rxns). If you are an A student, then I bet you'll do fine.