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Dec 1, 2003
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hello all,

i wanted to know if med schools would look down upon me if I decided to take the organic 1+2 lab separate from the lecture class. I am thinking about doing this because there isn't space for me to take the lab with my regular schedule. At my school since I am going for the BA in biology I do not need to take the lab anyway but since I am premed I have to. So what do you think? Has anyone done this? Also another question how important is it to have Ec's on your app. I do have them and good ones too but nothing that is wow! and I do not have a lot only a few. I do however have medically related Ec 's (ie shadowing a doc, working for a doc and will research soon) THANKS!


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Jun 23, 2003
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It doesn't matter if you take labs along with class, as long as you take them.

You need ECs to even be considered for medical school. Try not to get into the, "I need a lot of ECs" mentality. If you have a few high-quality ECs, you should be fine. If you have twenty different ECs but cannot speak on any of them intelligent and in-depth, you're in trouble.

ECs usually don't come up until interviews, and at this stage of the process it's really no longer a numbers game.


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Mar 1, 2004
Mississippi State U
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I too have to delay my chemistry labs by one semester to fit everything else into my schedule. At my school it doesn't matter when you take the lab, it is not a prereq for anything. Accordingly, my pre-med advisor has recommended that I follow this path.
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