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Taking the OAT in December/January... too late?



    Started school this week with 5 classes (3 of them have labs). I already submitted some of my applications to optometry schools, but i don't think ill be able to study for the oat during this semester, and taking practice exams yield barely a 300 AA for me. I don't think i want to take it right now (even though my mind is telling me to do it and get it over with). Should I take it now and study my ass off or would taking it during my winter break (dec./jan.) be too late?
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    Dec 7, 2015
    1. Optometry Student
      Honestly it depends on how competitive your application is. If your GPA isn’t great and you take your OAT later and score average, you run the risk of not getting in. That’s why unanimously people applying to OD schools are always told to apply early if they have a blemish on their application (low GPA, low OAT).

      My advice is always to apply early but if you don’t feel prepared then understandably you shouldn’t take it.
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