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For Sale TBR, EK 101/Bio, TPRH Verbal, EK 1001


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Mar 28, 2013
  1. Medical Student
    Just got my MCAT score back on 2/25. Wanted to offer the books that helped me get my target score. Hopefully you find them as useful as I did! Will only sell as a complete set.

    1) Full TBR set (2013 copyright), except for Verbal.

    - Bio 1/2
    - Gen Chem 1/2
    - Physics 1/2
    - Ochem 1/2

    All books are unhighlighted. Some light pencil marks in the content on the sides -> ALL PASSAGES ARE UNMARKED. I did all of my practice on separate sheets of paper.

    2) EK 101 VR, 2nd ed and EK Bio, 7th ed

    - EK 101 is completely unmarked. Like new. Great verbal practice.
    - EK Bio I bought second-hand with existing wear and tear. Some content is highlighted from the previous owner, but all passages are unmarked.

    3) TPRH Verbal, 2012 Version

    - Got it from another SDN member. Three hole version. All passages unmarked. Great verbal practice.

    4) EK 1001 set

    - Includes all four books. All books are unmarked and like new. Great way to solidify certain concepts that may be weak (I had issues with buoyant force and this was crucial in getting me a solid foundation in that topic.) Also helped me with colligative properties etc.

    5) Old Kaplan book with some tests that I'll throw in (not factored into final price).

    Pictures upon request. Pick-up in the Philadelphia area - PM me to get something set-up - THIS IS PREFERRED.

    Otherwise, will ship anywhere in the US. Buyer is responsible for shipping costs, although you get to pick your preferred shipping method (USPS, FedEx, UPS are all nearby). I will provide the estimate upon request.

    $475 (excluding shipping) gets you the whole set OBO. Paypal is the preferred method.

    PM me with questions/offers. Best of luck with your MCAT prep!

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