MPH Teaching Abroad or Taking PH Classes - Which Is Better?

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Which would be better for my MPH application?

  1. Graduating (in 3 years) + Working in Japan for one year

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  2. Delaying graduation, taking rigorous PH courses

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  1. snowy_owl

    Jul 11, 2015
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    Hi SDN! I'm at a crossroads.

    I attend a large public university and am studying global health (with a certificate in women's studies). I want to get an MPH starting September 2016, with a concentration in maternal and child health.

    I have all my major and certificate requirements done, and I could graduate now. If I do that, I have a job offer teaching English in Japan to small children.

    But I'm also registered for classes that are PH-related for the fall, including a grad course in global health epidemiology, a law school course in health law, and a class on politics of women's health. I wonder if these classes could give me a competitive advantage when I apply to MPH programs.

    Which choice would look better on my graduate application: Working in Japan for one year, or taking an extra semester of public health-related classes?

    Thanks in advance for your replies :)

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