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teaching style of UCSF dental school


Full Member
Aug 20, 2019
  1. Pre-Dental
Hi, this question is more aimed at students that are attending/have attended UCSF
- What kind of learning style does UCSF follow -- is it more traditional or does it offer alternative teaching approaches?
- are there any courses that really stood out to you during your education?
- I believe that clinical hours start later in the years... do you find that beneficial or would you have wanted the earlier exposure?

It's been difficult for me to get a good gauge of what the curriculum is like through the school website itself... if I could PM anyone for more details I would really appreciate it. Thank you so much!


SDN Gold Donor
10+ Year Member
Apr 29, 2007
Berkeley, CA
  1. Dentist
I'm both a UCSF alum and taught there.

It's formal classroom w/ some group projects (but pretty old school lecture format). D1/D2 limited to assisting when it comes to patient care. D3/4 are 90% patient care and 10% class. It's no secret that UCSF is not a general dentistry powerhouse (it IS a specialty feeder powerhouse, though), but my opinion is that it can adequately prep you for private practice.
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