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May 26, 2012
  1. Resident [Any Field]
    As a long time "lurker" I think this has been addressed in the past, but does anyone know how many CCM programs offer sufficient exposure to TEE such that one can become certified?

    UofM looks like they offer an elective in TEE which teaches advanced TEE and the full 15 view cardiac exam. But, it says nothing about certification. I'm sure many CCM programs offer TEE exposure to varying capacities, but can you sit for the exam?

    Any insight is appreciated.


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    Oct 28, 2008
    1. Resident [Any Field]
      enough to get basic TEE certification with the scope of practice defined as "
      The application of a basic perioperative TEE examination is limited to non-diagnostic monitoring within the customary practice of anesthesiology. Because the goal of and training in basic PTE® is focused on intraoperative monitoring rather than specific diagnosis, except in emergent situations, diagnoses requiring intraoperative cardiac surgical intervention or post-operative medical/surgical management must be confirmed by an individual with advanced skills in TEE or by an independent diagnostic technique." http://www.echoboards.org/content/basic-pte

      Most CCM fellowship are emphasizing TTE training more than TEE.
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      Apr 7, 2011
      The Bay
      1. Medical Student
        Just a general TEE clincal practive question:

        How often does TEE certification come into clinical practice?
        At my place the CT anesthesiologists are TEE certified but cardiologists come in during our heart procedures and read the TEEs, unless it's a middle of the night thing our anesthesiologists don't really read too many TEEs. I don't know if this is political or not.

        It would seem like a lot of the heart procedures are done at big academic places, at other places do anesthesiologists solely manage the TEE during cases? Is TEE that common in ICU care (I've only done MICU months so far and didn't see any there, are there more in the SICU?)


        Feb 12, 2006
        Had a Cooch
        1. Attending Physician
          Who reads the TEE during cardiac cases is generally a political decision. This can change over time depending on leadership of anesthesiologists, leadership of cardiology, and time constraints.

          I have been places where this task was slowly and deliberately assumed by the anesthesiologist, because they were capable, always available, and to some extent the cardiologists were tired of being taken away from other tasks. Plus the surgical team was tired of waiting for them to show up.


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          Jan 14, 2006
            In the SCA survey, 90% of respondents said they solely read TEE.

            As an aside, I have several partners who self studied and passed the advanced PteXam and one of our recent hires passed during his residency so it is more a matter of motivation than anything else.
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