Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine (TUSPM) Class of 2027 Interview/Acceptance Thread

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Mar 2, 2016
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Did anyone else get an II like concerningly fast after being verified?
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Is applying in March too late for Temple?
Not at all. Rolling admissions deadline is June 30th, but the sooner the better.

Good luck!
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Hi everyone. I'm finishing up my first year and I live right next to the school, so I'd like to give some feedback about TUSPM.

1. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - beautiful city. Lots of places to eat and explore w/ friends or SO.
2. TUSPM is located in Chinatown - very safe and people are friendly. If you like Asian food, search no further. If you like other food, walk a few mins farther. Good exercise so bring a nice pair of shoes.
3. Students - everyone is eager to help and we have tutors for individuals that need to optimize their study strategy. If you're struggling with a subject, don't wait until the last minute, go seek help. You are investing a lot of time and money into your education. Take it seriously.
4. The Foot and Ankle Institute is physically part of the school, so you will often interact with clinicians and convenient if you ever need to shadow or complete a clinic assignment. Remember to greet every patient we want Podiatry to have a positive reputation.
5. Car - don't need one. I sold mine last month and canceled my car insurance. However, if you do bring a car please use the school's parking lot, because I parked across the street and a donkey stole my catalytic converter. RIP $500 deductible.
6. Medicaid - if you qualify for it, GET IT. It will save you >$30k over four years. Simple application and chat with a representative- be courteous
and respectful toward them. PA has a great medical assistance program for those who don't have Musk or Gates as their last name.
7. Apply for whatever scholarships you're qualified for, and HPSL if offered.
8. Don't buy books. PDFs online and most books are in the library. I mainly used BRS and Netter for reference. Don't overwhelm yourself with resources bc slides are sufficient for most exams if you listen in class and take good notes.
9. Our basic sciences professors and education are the same as the MD and Dental sister schools during the first two years with more emphasis on feet stuff. You will learn and be assessed on the entire body systems. Everyone is held to the same standards by all professors.
10. There is a supermarket few mins from the school called "Giant Food Store". Grab a bag and go grocery shop once or twice a week. Register for their free discount card and save money. Also, a lot of Wawas- great milkshakes and frozen dinners, but bad for my wallet.
11. They recently renovated Podiatry housing and planning more renos. Call them and try to snag a single room if you can. Otherwise you will be playing same gender roommate roulette. Also many affordable housing options around the area. They will provide additional information during orientation.
12. Google "Whitecoatinvestor".
13. Be kind to yourself.

Final note: Admissions see the potential in those who get accepted. Have confidence in your ability and put in the work. No BS, learn the material, and earn the physician title. Just like everything in life, you get what you put into it. I drove half the United States in a broken car and $100 in my pocket, and I'm still surviving. Temple will provide you with the education and resources you need, the rest is up to you. Good luck!
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After interview, typically how long does it take to get a decision back at temple?
After interview, typically how long does it take to get a decision back at temple?
I'd say 1-2 weeks is fair. The admissions committee meets certain time(s) of the month, so that may play a factor as well. For me it was 1 week. Please let me know if you have any other questions, I'll be happy to answer them.
Any accepted student group me or Fb group for class of 2027?