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Originally posted by stercel2007
Hi Everyone,

Can you all give me some feedback between these two schools?

thanks alot
both private, and pretty expensive.

both play favorites to PA residents, but take lots of out of staters.

temple=located in terrible neighborhood, but great campus security. you will be commuting if you end up there, trust me.

drexel=in a consideraly nicer area

drexel fell into the "lower tier" ranking due to the AHERF chapter 11 bankruptcy filing four years ago and the school suffered greatly. But, they were recently bought by Tenet, a california based healthcare magnate, and the operation of the school was turned over to Drexel University, and are on very sound financial ground and not to worry about. Temple serves a very, VERY poor part of philly and they lose money consequently.

temple might fall into "middle" tier, drexel into "lower", but they're both pretty good schools and worth applying to.


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I'm not so sure that Drexel should be considered a "lower tier" school just because they had financial problems a few years ago. That school, IMO, is much better than say, some small state school that nobody knows exists and gets only 500 AMCAS applications a year.

I was on the waitlist at Temple last year, and I liked that school a lot. The students there are really laid back and seem to really be happy at that school. The professors there are also very understanding and excellent teachers as well. The campus is located in a very urban area, but that can be a good thing because of the huge variety of clinical cases that you will be exposed to during your clerkships. Besides, most good medical schools serve an urban community. Temple is also very well known for their excellent clinical training, which results in fairly impressive residency matches.
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