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Discussion in 'Pre-Dental' started by theking, Mar 24, 2001.

  1. Hey,

    I was wondering if anyone who had an interview at Temple can tell me what topics they use for the essay that you have to write.
    Also any further info anybody can provide about the interviews here, and at Tufts, NYU?


    The King

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  3. GoBear

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    Mar 10, 2001
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    when I was there, the topic was " what do you think is the nature of the professional school?"

    Tufts interview was really informal and conversational. I had Dean Susi, if I remember his name correctly, and he was really laid back and just want to know who you are, why you want to be a dentist, your college life, what you do for fun, your hobbies..

    hope this helps!
  4. Thanks alot GoBear,

    If anyone else can provide any info, much appreciated.
  5. My essay topic at Temple was something about academic dishonesty and what I thought about it and what actions I would take if AI knew a classmate was cheating.

    There is no right or wrong answers to the topics they give you. You have about 1/2 an hour to write a page or so and the adm. comm. just want to know if you're able to think on the spot and that you really wrote your won aadsas essay.

    Do a search for interview questions from past posts...there's tonnes of other posts on this topic, especially for Tufts and Temple.

    good luck!

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