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Jun 24, 2008
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So basically, I just started college this year as a freshman at Ohio State.

I'm not a stupid person, I always got awesome grades in high school but I let myself get overwhelmed and ended up with some not so hot grades.

Here's how it turned out:

Gen. Chem: C
Pre-Calc: C
English: A

I need to know my options. Am I screwed over? Should I give up all hopes of med school? I'm willing to work my butt off and turn it all around now that I realize that unlike high school I can't just slide on through half-heartedly. But what can I do now?

P.S. I would be willing to consider DO.
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Apr 4, 2007
You will be able to overcome a bad first semester and succeed at getting into med school if you take your studies seriously and get great grades from now on. If you don't understand the General Chemistry I, you might want to retake it before moving on to Chem II. Getting a C in a prerequisite course doesn''t look very good. Another way to redeem it would be by getting an A in the next higher course in the sequence.
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Oct 6, 2004
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Agree with above. Take a deep breath, enjoy winter break and kick ass next semester/rest of college.
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