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Jul 12, 2003
    I used to run track, so the whole pre-race mental build-up seemed pretty important. I'd go through various mental things to focus and relax. Is anyone planning anything to focus on test day?

    I took the MCAT a little while back. I tried to get in "the zone" by walking around campus listening to Jack Johnson while telling myself that I am a sharpened knife, an instrument designed for rocking the MCAT. Sounds funny but it worked for me...


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    Jan 27, 2004
      Haha, when I saw the word antics I thought this thread was going to be about annoying people on the day of the MCAT. Like that top 10 list about annoying things to do on an elevator, only for the MCAT. What about going around to random people and telling people that you are retaking the MCAT because you only made a 34 last time? Or maybe saying "Wow, they should try to make this test a little bit harder..." when you turn the page loud enough for the people around you to hear it. Does anyone else have ideas on how to annoy people on test day? Or stories about how other people annoyed them during the real thing?

      On the main topic, I always get focused before a test just by not thinking about anything else and concentrating on the task at hand. Especially for a test like this, I think it will be hard not to be focused. Oh, and I always wear my lucky t-shirt.


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      Aug 19, 2002
        Oh yes, I'm a big believer in psychological preperation before this big test, I did it too. I made sure to eat well the few days before, meditate a bit and relax. Also, I started working out like crazy when I first started studying for my second testing. I think having a healthy body translates to a healthy more efficient functioning brain as well. I also did some music therapy stuff on the drive to the test building. It did help, it was the second time I took it. Ended up 6 points improved in a respectably competetive range.

        As for the first time I took the test, there were so many things that annoyed me. Probably number one was that I was not prepared and was very psyched out about it and fearful...not the way to meet this challenge. When I was in the test room, there was this girl who talked so loud that even when talking to one person, the whole room could hear her. She talked about how great she did on practice tests and all that crap, then she proceeded to sniff and cough and talk about her cold. During the test she seemed to cough continuously. Not a mild cough, but one of those loud loud hacking AAHHOOUGAHH type of coughs. I could not concentrate due to her loud coughing. I'm sure she could not help it, but it was annoying. My being underprepared probably compounded the annoyance. I believe if you are thoroughly prepared and mentally and psychologically prepared, the little annoyances don't seem to bother you to much. I don't think I even payed attention to anything but the test itself the second time...focused.

        Good luck everyone!
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