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Jan 9, 2008
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Random question. What do you guys think about the food situation during the test? I'm probably going to do a snack at all the breaks. Was thinking about doing some sort of energy drink at the halfway mark but I have been staying away from caffeine during the test day but sometimes I am so whooped when I get done with the verbal section.

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Boost and granola bar


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Basically just try and have plenty of carbs to burn from the morning, like from oatmeal. At first alot of blood will be in your digestive organs, but once the oatmeal gets broken down some you'll have plenty of glucose for your brain, so give it an hour or two.

Also, avoid caffiene. When it wears off you will be impaired.
a big bag of chips and a lot of mountain dew will be ideal.
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I didn't bring a snack or a drink. Just took the test and got out. I usually skip breakfast anyway so it wasn't a big deal to me. Interestingly, there was a hustler casino literally across the street.
I'm a big health nut (I come from a varsity sports/bodybuilding background, so sports nutrition is a big part of my daily life). Big breakfast in the morning with plenty of complex carbs and protein, and then basically I just brought a ****load of homemade granola and some gatorade. I never drink gatorade, but I wanted something that would quench my thirst and hopefully not make me piss terribly like caffeinated drinks.

I took the paper-based, longer MCAT. So take that for what it's worth.
Peanut butter and a spoon is always great.
Oh, and Gatorade, as recommended by Kaplan. Keep that water in your system and not trying to get you into the bathroom.