Dec 1, 2010
Cross posting from the med student forum as it occured to me that I may get experienced input here:

So I'm not sure if this is a better post for the MD forums, but thought I'd see if anyone else has been in this situation.

Med student in Houston
A/B/C's my first 2 years of school
Now a third year with A's and B's this year and strong evaluations
Step I of only 209
A little extra curricular here and there

Just got accepted to A&M

So she'll be a first year when I'm a 4th year. A second year when I'm entering residency, etc.

I want to do internal medicine with a goal of primary care (not looking to subspecialize into cards or anything).

The reality that I don't get to choose where I go to residency is starting to set it. I've only been married to my wife for 3 years, but the thought of doing the next 4 years at distance (4th year and possibly 3 of residency) is killing me.

What are my options here?
I'm studying this year like I never have. I want the ability to train near her.
What can I do to maximize my chances of getting a residency near her??
Do programs take this kind of thing into account?
If I go rock a sub-I rotation at her school next year, just basically sit down with the attending and say "look, my wife is here. If I get to come here I'd work my ass off for you to make it worth your while"??? would that matter? I think my grades are going to hold me back and I'm trying my best to fix that.

Thanks for any input. I guess I should have gone to med school a few years later so we could just couples match....sigh.

Sorry for my slightly disjointed post. It was a stream of conscience at the moment...


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Mar 13, 2007
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Hey there, I went to med school in SA but am familiar with TAMU. Fortunately for you, Scott and White has an excellent IM residency!! Your step 1 is a but low, but rock step 2 and get a SUB-I at S&W and there is a decent chance you can match there. Then you will only have her second year apart (only about 90 minutes though) and her third/fourth years will be in Temple with you. You would be graduating from Residency as she applies for internship and yall can go where the wind takes you. Just to repeat, the S&W program is quite a good one and a good # of folks from UT San Antonio went there for IM and are happy. Temple is no metropolis, but these may be the sacrifices you make for a happy marriage, or you could love temple (not too far from Dallas, Waco, or Austin) Otherwise, there are always programs in SA, Austin (community program) and several in Dallas. Although not ideal, would be better than a plane trip to see each other.
Hope this helps.


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May 2, 2008
Your 4th year med school is no problem, you both will have plenty of time off to spend with each other. The goal for your 3 years of residency and her 2-4 years of med school should be to get into the same place. If you want to go to A&M, that shouldn't be hard (I would assume easier if you are at Baylor, but still not too hard if you are at UT-H). If you want to match somewhere else and have her transfer, that might be possible but will be more difficult and a higher risk (probably depending somewhat on her qualifications). I think your best bet is to go to A&M with her unless you have a strong reason not to or you can get some kind of guarantee that she can transfer to be near you. You should call the program directly or email the PD and explicitly state your situation. Do an away and work hard. You will match there if you want to. In my opinion, it is not worth trying to do long distance during residency, you will never see each other. It comes down to how you prioritize career vs. family, so I can only speak for myself.
Sep 24, 2010
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I think if you do well in step 2 you will be fine. Programs look at more than just the boards I think. A&M should not be a problem, especially if you do well in step 2. I would aim for 240+ if you want IM in a place you desire. Higher if you want the more competitive specialties.