Texas med schools and calculus


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Feb 28, 2004
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    I know that calculus is required of the Texas med schools, but if I won't be taking it until Fall of 2004 can I still apply in June 2004 and have my application reviewed before they get the final grade for the course?

    Andy Kahn

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    May 3, 2003
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      I'm at UTMB and I havent been part of any admissions processes (except the tour and student panel), but I wouldn't think it would hurt you to have calculus after the admissions/interview period as long as you have credit by the start of med school. I actually did Physics 2 fall of my last year of college so they didn't see that I finished that course until Dec or Jan so I don't think it matters.

      by the way, it is true you don't really use physics, calculus, or info from many of those prereqs in med school but just do it and then forget. Its the same in med school. You memorize genes on which chromosome and diseases that you will never see (except on tests and boards) but we jump through the hoops and move to the next level (and it's worth it in the end).

      Good luck everybody.
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