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Texas school rankings

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by FourthTime, Nov 28, 2000.

  1. FourthTime

    FourthTime Member 10+ Year Member

    Sep 2, 2000
    Ok. I know we've had this thread before, but the Dec. 29th deadline for posting your rankings for Texas medical schools is fast approaching and I wanted to get a fresh perspective from this round of applicants. I've interviewed at all the TX schools save Houston and Baylor. Any Texas applicants please post your (current) rankings and why. Thanks alot and good luck!
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  3. jcollings

    jcollings Member 10+ Year Member

    Jun 18, 2000
    Ft. Worth, TX, USA
    UT Southwestern is obviously the top ranked school in Texas. UTMB Galveston gets lots of grant dollars as well. Several sources indicate that Galveston is second behind Southwestern in the rankings.
  4. jsorrell

    jsorrell Member 10+ Year Member

    Jun 12, 2000

    Could you provide a specific source that ranks UTMB second behind UT Southwestern? I am interested because UTMB is the only Texas school that has offered me an interview, and I applied to all of them except Baylor, TCOM and A&M.

  5. ringo643

    ringo643 Senior Member 10+ Year Member


    I rated UTMB first, then Southwestern, SA, Houston, and A&M. I know UTMB doesn't have the research reputation of Dallas or Baylor (which is, incidentally, a large part of the reason why they aren't in US News'top 50), but I really liked it, was excited about the new curriculum, found everyone very nice, and liked the UTMB med center. It's not as impressive as Parkland or MD Anderson, but I got the feeling that I would get to *do* more there. This is what my interviewer at UTMB told me; it might help -- If you want to be chief of internal medicine at Mass. General, or some such high aspiration, you should probably consider a school with better research, like Southwestern or Baylor. If you're just interested in being well-trained to be a good doctor, this is a great place for you. So, that's the thought process I used. I'd advise you to go to the school you liked the best. Hope this helps
  6. Necla

    Necla New Member

    Dec 6, 2000
    I agree with the above poster completely when they write that you should choose the school that you felt right at. For those who care, I ranked UT-San Antonio first because I liked the laid-back atmosphere of the students as well as faculty. In addition, San Antonio had a private and a public hospital to work at during clinics, which I presonally feel is important to have so as to see varying patient types. I had A&M second as I thought the small class size and patient load of Scott & White would be great for the clinical years. I had Texas Tech in at third slightly ahead of UTMB. While I absolutely hated Lubbock, I thought that the school was impressive, especially given the amount of responsibility one is given as a 3rd and 4th year med student at the hospital. For some reason, I absolutely abhored UTMB. It might have been the apathetic interviewers I had that did nothing to sell the school to me (although others told me that their interviewers gave them reason after reason to attend...), but moreso, I just did not have a good feeling that I would fit in well there. Lastly, I had TCOM last, as the school is great and the DO degree I have no biases against...but the clinical experiences there are marginal at best. I also don't want to be rules out as less competitive for surgical subspecialty residencies should I choose to go that route. I spoke with the chiefs of residency at a couple of plastic and general surgery programs, and they both told me in no uncertain terms that I would be at a disadvantage applying to those programs as a DO. So take it with a grain of salt, as these are MY experiences...Bottom line, on January 15th, I will be waiting by the mailbox and will be happy with ANY letter from ANY school.

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