Texas Tech El Paso vs Texas Tech Lubbock vs TCU

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Mar 17, 2019
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Hey guys! I could really use some advice on ranking between two schools: Texas Tech Lubbock and Texas Tech El Paso. I absolutely LOVED both of these schools and am just lookign for the insight and perspective of others so itd be much appreciated! Cultures of both school seem similar, students really seemed to love both places, administration seems to be supportive of their students a lot and obviously they're both super affordable

Pros of Texas Tech Lubbock:

Very established program with a great match list

HUUUUUGE attached Hospital which makes me think seeing all differnt kinds of specialties and early clinical exposure is easier + student run flee clinics that you can volunteer it

more areas of research at lubbock


H/HP/P/F traditional curriculum fo preclinicals

Lubbock seems super sparse with nothing to do (but id love a local's opinion)

Pros of TT El Paso

true P/F unranked curriculum for the first two years AND an AMAZING CURRICULUM imo

also are able to get early clinical exposure according to students

I love el paso as a city compared to lubbock

smaller class size

a bit less established program, and while their 2019 match list isn't as impressive as lubbocks' they still have students going to great places and have had students go to great places in the past as well

ive heard that they have a higher turnover rate of faculty leaving
PROS: 1 year pre clerkship, lots of free time for board studying, great location
Cons: expensive, unestablisbed, weird clerkship schedule