PhD/PsyD Texas Woman's University - Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology


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Oct 8, 2012
    This is not from personal experience, but I researched this school when I was considering applying to it last year. From what I gathered, their funding is not very good / nonexistent. Again, this is not from personal experience so if anyone is a student there please feel free to correct me if I am wrong.
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    Aug 13, 2013
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      Awesome. Thank you for the responses. I really like their program (I have visited and have spoken with some of the faculty there on several occasions). The atmosphere is something that appeals to me greatly, especially with the advocacy of social justice, minority inclusion and research within minority classes (age, gender, orientation, etc.). My only concern is how this would set me up for post-doctoral studies in neuropsychology. I believe in a previous post I had mentioned that I am fine either way with a Ph.D. in counseling or clinical psychology as long as I could somehow leverage myself into neuropsychological related practicums, research, etc. I had a professor at my undergraduate university whom attended University of Houston and earned his Ph.D. in counseling psychology and later completed his post-doc in neuropsychology.

      I am aware that most people who sway towards neuropsychology typically come from clinical psychology programs, I however will also have experience in neuroscience and cognition when I apply for the post-doc. My master's degree is heavily focused on cognition and neuroscience; I am hoping this will help in conjunction with the Ph.D. in either counseling or clinical psychology for post-doc applications in neuropsychology. A counseling psychology Ph.D. program appeals to me greatly due to the decent focus of psychotherapy that I have seen being accented in programs such as TWU. I suppose a goal of mine is to develop the necessary skills to evaluate neurobehavioral disorders/ailments and to also provide adequate therapy in the management with any such ailment.
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