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Mar 28, 2016
Hey all,

I just took my DAT and did well! I want to thank SDN from the bottom of my heart. If not for everyone's input, I would have scored much lower (proof: before SDN, all I had was I learned a lot of techniques from everyone here and saw that a high score was possible for anyone who put in the effort. About 10 days before my DAT, my girlfriend cheated and broke up with me, and (what I didn't feel comfortable mentioning on SDN) that was right after my mom said the doctor confirmed that there was another nodule growing where she got her thyroid removed due to cancer. So I was a mess to say the least.

But I managed to turn it around with these DAT scores!

Bio - 23/ GC-23/OC-23/RC-25/QR-22/PAT-20

23AA 23TS

Literally tons of people commented support to me the day I asked for advice after my breakup ( and told me I could do it. I sincerely mean it when I say you all are the reason I did well!

I also would like to give a very, very special shout out to @Ari Rezaei from DAT Bootcamp and Nancy from @orgoman22 . I exhausted ALL of my funds for applications and study material, and both of them helped me afford extra study material. If it weren't for their kindness, I wouldn't have DAT Bootcamp or the 2016 Math Destroyer - I owe them so much. Those were absolutely the BEST prep materials for me.
Now that the thanks have been given, would a few of you mind chancing me? I know my score is good but my GPA is a bit on the low end and I know I'm therefore not as competitive as others. Plus I'm not early anymore. My ECs are pretty good though. Here are my quick stats:

GPA: o3.44, 3.25 sGPA. Dramatic upward trend; went from ~3.2 to 3.7 after 2 years of getting my life together.
Shadowing: 209 from gen. and specialists
Volunteering: 200-300 hours
Research: 180 hours

Work/extracurricular (At least, the stuff I consider important):

* Licensed EMT-B
* Spent 5 years developing and drafting a patent regarding the use of viral therapy on cancer cells. Submitted the patent last month!
* Took a dental assisting course
* Spoke at a medical conference at Johns Hopkins University
* Medical assistant at a summer camp
* Supplemental Instructor for 2 bio classes at my university
* Mentored by the former US Surgeon General; I began that journey when he was in office as the deputy SG.
* Chair of external relations at a environmental nonprofit I co-founded.
* Leadership/development: Part of a selective 18-student roster who receive leadership dev. training in LA and D.C. for 6 months. Also enlisted to form a high-impact nonprofit by 10/16 with guidance. 50 Hours so far.
* Volunteer hands-on CPR instructor at my temple
* Anddd about 2.5k hours of work in a small business!

School list:
Maryland - Have a LOR from a faculty here.
NYU - I have an uncle who was an alumni there; they said it was okay if he sent an extra LOR to them by mail.
Howard - Indian so not exactly URM, but my parents know someone in the administration
I will be posting a detailed breakdown about my ~2 month study schedule. For now, I do have a bit of a gift for those of you still studying/who have run out of study material:

All throughout my study period, I have been making Anki Flashcards for study material. The cards cover all subjects from the following resources: DAT Genius, Chad's Videos, Destroyer 2015, Math 2016, Kaplan, and Ferrali's and Russeldw's notes. These cards helped me keep massive amounts of info fresh in my head - about 1,500 cards total. If you need a resource to test the breadth of your knowledge, please use it! Anki is a fantastic program. I will post it up tomorrowish with my detailed breakdown. I have to comb through it and make sure there's no direct questions from destroyer/bootcamp.

Thank you all again! I'm going to go donate to SDN and then go to sleep and enjoy my summer for the first time in forever. I have well deserved paid trip to Florida for a Medical/Dental Conference in a while :).

P.S.: It always helps to believe in yourself. I wrote the above message on 7/23, about a week before my DAT :) proof:
Score sheet:


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May 26, 2015
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Grats bro you did an amazing job on all the sections!!! Btw you have an awesome resume and good upwards trends! Ik you'll get accepted somewhere :).


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Aug 10, 2014
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I saw your username. I saw your DAT score in the thread title. And as soon as I realized what happened, my cheers scared my cat out of the room.

CONGRATULATIONS MAN!!!!! You destroyed this exam, just like you will destroy your dental school interviews (I think you have excellent chances), and just like you will destroy dental school (the curriculum, not the school itself lol)

I am so happy for you- you are the definition of resilient. I am sorry to hear about your mother and am sending good karma vibes her way.


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Jun 21, 2015
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Super happy for you! I was rooting for you!
Kind of sad the "gift" doesn't apply to me though :( That was some good clickbait lol