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Sep 1, 2007
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As a lurker here- not a doctor- I just want to tell you all thank you. I appreciate you being available for us on these holidays, late nights, and/or your own personal family/private times. I rarely go to the ER--maybe less than 10 times in my whole 58 years- but ya'll have been there when I needed it. Helped me, saved my kids, and were the kindest to us when my DIL ws fatally injured in an accident. I know you chose this filed, but I also know you don't ask for the abuse, insults and threats that can be heaped on you all.
Anyway- while I am home today, some of you are out there at work, dealing with real problems, and some real petty ones. Thanks for dealing with it. I, for one, appreciate what you can do whwen I am in most need.
Have a good- and quiet- day. May you be successful today in all you do and walk out with a few more, personal thank yous.
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