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Dec 25, 2000
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Cool! I'm just halfway through reading the account of the surgery rotation where you're or rather Jeff Pierce is paging the anesth attending to get the ccs of blood loss...hilarious stuff...also very instructive...:D:clap:
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Jun 22, 2000
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Originally posted by Amy
Isn't it against SDN policy to post the same message in more than one forum?? :rolleyes:

Give the guy a break, he wrote a novel and is trying to share it free of charge with everyone on the forum. Since some people only read one particular forum, I see nothing wrong with him spreading the word accordingly. :rolleyes:


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Sep 30, 2000
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How pathetic! I'm sorry I wasted my time reading this diatribe. I found the authors' spoiled, self centered attitude really offensive. His whining and ranting was not only infuriating but sad. What a waste...not only was he miserable, but he probably took a seat from someone who REALLY wanted to be a physician. He should have gone to business school!:mad: By the way...Janice didn't make him look bad...he did that all by himself!:p
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