The actual, correct web address for defaulted docs!!


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Sep 5, 2003
wait..if i am reading this right...then podiatry is somewhere in the middle of the pack....which isnt too bad
although percentage wise(total # of students versus # of defaults)...its higher than most of the other medical professions
so its worse than MD rates
but nowhere near as bad as chiropractic...
i would be interested to see how the trends have gone over the last 20 yrs for all medical professions...that is..are default rates higher/lower across the board or what
i would also liek to see the percentages per year..that is how many kids from 99 defaulted how many from 2000/etc...

some of the debts these pods have is unreal though...i saw one student as being listed as almost 4 hundred K in debt....thats just insane..who in the hell takes out that much money(even with interest factored in)???

regardless...this website should serve as a good lesson to others...buyer beware...and dont overextend yourself as a student cause we all have to pay sooner or later....and dont expect to make bigmoney when you get out.... the first few years may be tough

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