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  1. Doctor Anton

    Doctor Anton The Apprentice Doctor - Future Doctors Academy Exhibitor 5+ Year Member

    Jan 4, 2010
    SDN Exhibitor
    SDN Test Prep Week Raffle:
    One Apprentice Doctor® Camp Scholarship - worth $750 - avaialble during the Test Prep Week!

    The 2011 Apprentice Doctor® Accredited Pre-medical Camps

    Attention all Senior High School and Junior Premed Students
    You simply cannot afford to miss this!


    Tampa Florida, USA (July 18-22) and
    Newark New Jersey, USA (July 25-29)

    A full 100% of the attendees at the 2010 Apprentice Doctor® Camp in Tampa Fl reported that they would strongly recommend attending the camp to anybody interest in following a career in medicine!
    To all prospective medical professionals especially those in grade 10 to 12 – come and enjoy a week dedicated to your future career in medicine. You will learn and do a large variety of medical related activities and gain valuable high school science credits - using the accredited and acclaimed Apprentice Doctor® Course material!
    Your host and presenter: *Dr Anton Scheepers, Dr Monica Watts-Hopkins and guest lecturers

    Duration: Five Incredible Medically Charged Days
    Attendees: Maximum of 16 students to ensure individual attention
    • Tampa, Florida: Wyndham Tampa Bay Hotel and Conference Centre
    • New Jersey: Venue to be finalized

    The benefits of attending the camp include...
    • Add an accredited certificate to support your application to university and later to medical school
    • Be able to correctly aseptically scrub to assist a surgeon in operating theater
    • Acquire more than 20 essential hands-on skills that medical doctors use daily
    • Become proficient in your suturing skills long before entering medical school
    • Tie surgical knots – tying off a large bleeder is a surgical life saving skill
    • Above is just the tip of the knowledge and skills iceberg that you will get
    • Attend a certified BLS (Basic Life Support) workshop
    • Lots of Real Medical Instruments and Items included in the Course fee
    Visit the camp website now…

    Yes I want to attend and need more information!

    How do I book?
    Register online or
    Contact us per toll free telephone number, email of fax
    Toll-free number: (+1)855-445-7444
    Email: [email protected]
    Fax: (+1)916-724-6415
    But hurry – limited places available!

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  3. apumic

    apumic Oracle of the Sheet 7+ Year Member

    Jan 1, 2007
    Denver, CO
    For students who complete your camp, what is the admission rate to medical school (US MD, specifically)?
  4. Doctor Anton

    Doctor Anton The Apprentice Doctor - Future Doctors Academy Exhibitor 5+ Year Member

    Jan 4, 2010
    SDN Exhibitor
    The first Apprentice DoctorÒ Camp was in 2010 - so much too early to be able to offer that type of stats. We should be able to start giving out those stats in 4-5 year time - thank you for your question.
  5. randomlogik

    randomlogik Senior Member 10+ Year Member

    Apr 22, 2002
    My brother is a high school senior and is interested in a medical career. He may be interested in the camp.
    Does the camp provide exposure to actual hospital or medical practices?
  6. Doctor Anton

    Doctor Anton The Apprentice Doctor - Future Doctors Academy Exhibitor 5+ Year Member

    Jan 4, 2010
    SDN Exhibitor
    Let me answer by showing the Tampa Camp Program - see especially the Tuesday schedule:

    July 2011
    Monday 07/18/2011
    • Registration and Coffee
    • Meet your fellow Apprentice Doctors
    • Taking a Medical History and Record Keeping
    • Sound, the Ear and Hearing
    • Light, the Eye and Vision
    • The Lymphatic System
    • Infection Game and
    • Competition
    • Systematic Approach To Examining Patients Diagnosis Of Diseases
    Tuesday 07/19/2011
    • Case Study 1 Presentation and Discussion
    • Field Trip To TGH Visit and Tour of Tampa General Hospital
    • Asepsis and Sterility
    • Tour of Tampa General Hospital
    • Washing Hands Workshop
    • Tour of TGH Simulation Lab
    • urgical Scrub Workshop Admission to Med School
    • Careers In Medicine
    Wednesday 07/20/2011
    • Case Study 2
    • Body Fluids
    • Heart Sounds, Pulse Oximetry and Heart Rate Workshop
    • Resuscitation and BLS Workshops
    Thursday 07/21/2011
    Case Study 3
    • The Digestive System
    • The Cardiovascular System and The Respiratory System
    • The Nervous System Endocrine System Reproductive System
    • The Integument System The Muscular System The Urinary System
    • How to Stitch Up Wounds Theory
    • Suturing Workshop
    Friday 07/22/2011
    • Overview and Revision Evaluation (Theoretical and Practical Tests)
    • Successful Students Receive Certificates
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