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The Bachelor

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by JerBear, Apr 15, 2002.

  1. JerBear

    JerBear Member 10+ Year Member

    Apr 4, 2002
    OK, this thread is totally unrelated to Med School but has anyone been watching "The Bachelor" on ABC? It's my new favorite show!!
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  3. Dr. Will

    Dr. Will 10+ Year Member

    Feb 27, 2002
    Houston, TX
    Thanks jerbear! If I didn't see your post I would have forgotten all about this show tonight.
  4. kylie

    kylie Member 7+ Year Member

    Mar 16, 2002
    i totally love the show. however, i am soooooooo disappointed in shannon. she treated alex really badly on tonight's episode. i like trista or amanda now. in the beginning, i thought shannon was perfect for him, but she showed that she is too young acting for him tonight. can't wait until next week.
  5. JerBear

    JerBear Member 10+ Year Member

    Apr 4, 2002
    Funny you should mention it Kylie but from the first episode, I liked Shannon too. You can ask my mom: when I first saw her, I was like, "she's gonna win." She's still my favorite and here's my pet interpretation of her actions tonight (maybe I'm just rationalizing her behavior or trying to cast her in a more positive light but...): Shannon definitely seemed a little immature tonight but I believe it was just a ploy to make Alex want her more. At this point in the show with four girls, the balance of power shifts dramatically to the side of the women; Shannon was flexing her proverbial "muscle" by basically throwing a temper tantrum and setting things up in a way such that Alex had to "redeem" himself. The show's a big game and this kind of a move is a big risk, but I think Shannon is a gamer and she took a calculated risk - and it paid off.

    We kinda see that with Trista too... both she and Shannon are holding back and being deliberate in their affections for him. They're taking measured steps to protect themselves but at the same time, it makes Alex HUNGRY for them. It's obviously working!

    I wonder what Freud or Jung would say about Shannon and the whole show <img border="0" alt="[Laughy]" title="" src="graemlins/laughy.gif" />
  6. Scooby Doo

    Scooby Doo IEatShavedPussyCats 10+ Year Member

    Jul 9, 2001
    This is the lamest show in the world..didn't they learn from "who wants to marry a millionare?"

    bleck! Maybe I just don't know what's going on...
  7. Hero

    Hero Senior Member 7+ Year Member

    Mar 4, 2002
    Obviously they did learn from the show "who wants to marry a millionaire?"

    This show is far superior, it's "Who wants to marry not a millionaire?"

    :rolleyes: :p :D
  8. altaskier

    altaskier Altaholics Anonymous 92' 7+ Year Member

    Nov 12, 2001
    I'm neutral on the show. Personally, I'm still getting over the cancellation of Seinfeld. Every time I watch a re-run, I ask myself, "Why didn't Jerry Seinfeld not want to go on doing the show anymore?"
  9. determined little korean girl

    determined little korean girl Member 7+ Year Member

    Jan 25, 2002
    San Francisco
    I LOVE THAT SHOW !!!!!!!!!!!! I knew that Alex was going to choose those 3 . Stephanie . Trista . and Amanda . I think he looks best with Stephanie, but she's kind of weird . Did you see today's episode ? She spent most of the time playing with her dog than with Alex and her family . Trista is beautiful .. and Amanda looks like an all around girl . HMMM .. tough choice for Alex .
  10. determined little korean girl

    determined little korean girl Member 7+ Year Member

    Jan 25, 2002
    San Francisco
    oops .. I meant Shannon not Stephanie .. I knew something sounded wrong .
  11. vixen

    vixen I like members 10+ Year Member

    Oct 17, 2000
    upstate ny
    Yeah I'm rooting for Trista...she seems like she has her act together. Amanda seems cool, but it looks like the only thing she can offer him is the sexual part of a relationship...

    Shannon on the other hand seems like a prissy immature girl...she was more interested in her dog then trying to make a connection (which is fine, but not at that point)...I thought it was funny when her parents were like "what do you have in common?" and she couldn't answer....

    I felt bad for Kim, she seemed so sweet, but I think Alex is right in way, she seemed like she'd agree with whatever he said and have no opinions herself.

    Alex got along with Trista's family the best I think. Did anyone see the episode where Rhonda was hyperventilating? Hilarious! <img border="0" alt="[Laughy]" title="" src="graemlins/laughy.gif" /> I do think she's right though about Shannon wanting a ring from the beginning.

    I wonder when this will be moved to the lounge? :)
  12. CANES2006

    CANES2006 Miami chica 10+ Year Member

    Jan 11, 2002
    Miramar, FL
    I have not seen the show, but I heard the guy (Alex?) on the radio. Am I the only one who thinks this guy sounds gay? Who knows? Maybe I just like a "manly" voice on a guy.
  13. Mystique

    Mystique The Procrastinator 7+ Year Member

    Jul 6, 2001
    Why, oh why, did they pick that guy to be the bachelor on the show? He's deson't possess eye candy "qualities"...doesn't come close...maybe it's just me... :rolleyes:
  14. Ibis

    Ibis Senior Member 7+ Year Member

    Dec 16, 2001
    Miami, FL
    The show repulses me. You got this guy making out with multiples of women, one after another. Ethics, once again....out the window.
  15. Nova

    Nova Member 7+ Year Member

    Jun 21, 2001
    When talking about "Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire?" I used to say that your first hint, as the guy on this show trying to pick which woman to marry, is NOT to marry any woman who'd show up at something like that.

    The questions should have been more like: "Tasteless Golddigger Number One. In the event that I lose all my money in a bizarre circus elephant investment, on what grounds will you be filing for divorce?"

    That said... GO SHANNON! Trista? Please. She's so fake.

  16. souljah1

    souljah1 Attending 10+ Year Member

    Feb 7, 2002
    I saw the last episode.

    Shannon is a punk, a bit of a game player princess type. (oh i have a secret, but i'm not ready to tell).

    Trista has way too many issues and used that to create some sort of mysterious image about her..drama..(i have boundaries that i'm not willing to compromise with, but i think eventually i can with you).

    Amanda is just all about getting the groove on. I'd argue that sex is one of the most important aspects of a committed relationship. She also isn't trying to play games or keep the guy thinking about her by acting being an enigma. (let me rock your world and show you those other two girls have too many issues).

    he did get along with trista's family the best. shannon's family consisted of her dog, and her dog. amanda's parents were like 90 years old and her brothers probably changed out of their overalls, dropped the pitchfork and headed over to the restaurant. trista's family seemed open minded and fun.

    who ever he picks, he'll eventualy divorce..cynical huh? well, i am about shows like this. i think it is dumb. i don't know the specifics about when they get married or if there is a contractual agreement, but meeting someone on a gameshow for a couple weeks, making out/sex/whatever, and filmed dates really won't allow them to really learn all that much about each other. whatever floats your boat, though.
  17. driven

    driven Member 7+ Year Member

    Mar 6, 2002
    This show cracks me up. It's alomst disgusting to see these girl cry and cry for this guy they barely know. I mean, imagine crying/hyperventilating <img border="0" alt="[Laughy]" title="" src="graemlins/laughy.gif" /> when a guy doesn't call after your first date. But I think its more fun making fum of these girls than Alex. I really liked Shannon, but the last episode with the dog disappointed me. She seems a little too self-centered. Poor Alex didn't even get a meal with her parents.

    I think Alex won't feel too comfortable with Amanda's family. We have a corporate Harvard guy stuck in hicktown, USA. And when they asked if he would move out of large cities... did they mean to theirs? I think Alex was like "no" <img border="0" title="" alt="[Eek!]" src="eek.gif" />

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