CME The Brigham Board Review in Rheumatology (Rheumatology CME)


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The Brigham Board Review in Rheumatology

Posted by Bernard Sklar, MD

CME Credit Hours: 25.5

CME Credits Awarded by Oakstone Publishing, LLC.

Cost: $1,095 - $1,695

Format: On-Demand Online, Online Video, Online Audio, Audio CD

Target Audience:
Fellows/trainees and practicing Rheumatology specialists (MDs) and other professional affiliates (internists with an interest in Rheumatology) who are preparing to take ABIM Board Review or Recertification Examinations or who seek CME activities to improve patient care in the area of Rheumatology Medicine.

Educational material last updated: May 31, 2018

CME Credit expires: May 31, 2021

Topics covered include:
• Rheumatoid Arthritis, Brief Review of Differential Diagnosis and Initial Treatment
• Pathogenesis of Rheumatoid Arthritis
• The Treatment of Lupu
• Pregnancy and the Rheumatic Diseases
• Osteoporosis
• Common Foot and Ankle Disorder

After studying The Brigham Board Review in Rheumatology you will be better able to:
• Apply current/recommended Rheumatology guidelines in clinical practice
• Perform differential diagnosis of complex clinical presentations related to Rheumatologic disorders
• Identify/apply current therapeutic options for specific Rheumatologic disorders
• Evaluate and interpret up-to-date literature relevant to clinical practice in Rheumatology
• Illustrate knowledge of pathophysiology as it applies to the management of Rheumatology disorders
• Apply knowledge gained to the ABIM certification/recertification Rheumatology examinations

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