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The journey to CA RPh status is finally over!

Discussion in 'Pharmacy Licensure and Exams' started by pharmgrad24, Sep 27, 2014.

  1. pharmgrad24


    Aug 28, 2014
    My license finally posted today! I'm from the Midwest and went to school in the Midwest, but now live in CA. I hope this post will help someone one day along with my other posts, especially someone from out of state who does not know how long and mentally exhausting it is getting licensed in CA after graduation. I graduated 2nd week of May 2014, mailed my application for CA pharmacist license 6/4, check cashed about 3 weeks later (between 6/25-6/29). Got my ATT 8/13. Took my NAPLEX 8/28, CPJE 9/6, got my passing results on 9/12 once the August CA QA ended(started 8/1 ended 9/10). Mailed in my green form and check 9/13. Check cashed 9/24. License posted 9/27 (although it says as of 9/26 but I checked at 3 am 9/27 it wasn't on there yet till this morning). It feels amazing to finally be done and to no longer be a grad intern! Good luck everyone!
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  3. izzie51606


    Aug 14, 2014
    To add to this post, I will provide a time reference for my journey to CA licensure as well. I've been a pharmacist in the Midwest for 5+ years and decided to re-locate to CA for a new job. I applied for my license in the first week of April 2014, check cashed ~ 7 weeks later (mid May). Got my ATT the beginning of July and took my CPJE at the end of August, received my result the second week of September. I also had to contact NABP to transfer my license/Naplex score to CA, which only took a couple weeks. As of today, my green letter was officially mailed to me a few days ago, and I'm hoping to be licensed by the end of this month. It's has been a 7-month process. Best of luck to everyone, especially people who are re-locating to CA from other states, the key is to be patient!
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