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the KSF review...has anyone used it?


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May 2, 2005
  1. Pre-Optometry
    Has anyone used the KSF review or know anything about it?

    I went on ADEA.org to register for my DAT and saw an add of Topscore, DAT Achiever, and this KSF review. I have both Topscore and DAT Achiever, but I haven't heard of this KSF review....I'm contemplating getting it. It's also $50 like the other, and it seems to have 5 DAT full length practice exams instead of 3. I think once you pay for it you get access to the different exams on their website for a certain amount of time.

    The website is: http://www.theksfreview.com/

    Let me know if any of you have either used or heard anything about this...I don't want to spend my money on it if it's not a reliable source.

    Thanks everyone!


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    5+ Year Member
    Aug 14, 2006
    1. Pre-Dental
      I bought Achiever, Topscore, and KSF Review after studying from the Kaplan book, the majority of the KSF review was crap the science section questions offered some benefical practice but the PAT was nothing like the real thing, the Reading comp was too small to ready without a magnifying glass and in no way was representative of the real thing passages cut off half way through and on one test I got 50 questions from 4 passages. Achiever and Topscore were worth every penny and for the most part a little more difficult than the real thing. Unless you fell like dropping $50 for a couple a extra science questions (which you can get out a a gen chem book at your school library) its not wroth the money
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      Aug 26, 2009
      1. Dental Student
        DO NOT BUY Theksfreview DAT exams. I bought it and the exams didn't work properly and when I complained they responded in a EXTREMELY unprofessional manner. I'm taking the exam in a few weeks and destroyer is awesome and definitely worth the money. I took the Kaplan class and I think it was good for learning the material but not so great for actual practice- that's were the Dat Destroyer comes in- it has hundreds of practice problems that I've been working on. I also bought the Topscore exams because I heard they were very similar to the actual exam so I would try those as well.

        But about the KSF review- I wish I never bought their stuff cuz they were really rude and slow about fixing my problem and just stressed me out even more right before my exam...they claimed that I was attempted to cheat them out of their money when I clearly told them I would rather have a running program then the money back... Then they told me I was obnoxious and that I have an attitude problem- LOL. If I knew it was some basement run operation I would never have bought the exams from them. I probably spent $2,000 on prep materials for this exam (including the Kaplan class) so its not like 60 bucks is really going to make a difference for me but the stress of dealing with them was definitely NOT WORTH IT.

        Just want to warn everyone out there so you guys don't run into the same problems. Don't waste your time on the KSF review focus on the Dat Destroyer, the Exam Crakcers MCAT book for Biology, Kaplan for general study material and PAT and topscore for practice exams.


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        May 30, 2009
        1. Dental Student
          Yea i wouldnt recommend KSF either. I skipped all the RC because the font was so small... i did a passage and my eyes were hurting afterwards so i skipped the rest. the stupid thing is that there is no way to make it bigger. The program is kinda glitchy and the PAT isnt really representative of the real thing (especially TFE). The sciences are alright but my suggestion is to save your money or get something else.
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