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The MCAT was a series of rectal papercuts followed by a saltwater enema!


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15+ Year Member
Sep 4, 2001
  1. Medical Student
Thought that would get your attention!

WOW! I am so comforted to know my fellow, respected SNDers felt somewhat violated by yesterday! I thought I had done due diligence, heeding everyone's advice to do practice test after practice test, and was eventually hit my high this week with a 34! I dutifully trudged down to the test site every other Saturday since Christmas, practice test in hand, to "simulate" test conditions. YAH! WHATEVER! Nothing can match the pressure one accumlates on "the day." Fortunately, we had excellent testing conditions -beautiful 75 degrees, comfortable room, human proctors who let us sip water and nibble snacks during the test and best of all, no freaky test takers - no melt downs and especially no goobers who grunted or sputtered with every new passage. My buddy in the next room over had a Monica Seles wannabe in his class who sighed and grunted with every new page. Yikes!

Did anyone else have form FM? Any thoughts? Personally, I'd say it was overall rough, but after all, it is the MCAT - it's not supposed to be fluffy and fun like cotton candy! Fair VR with somewhat bizarre, albeit interesting passages (one on rats that cannibalize and sexually assault each other in close quarters). PS was an entirely different story - VERY formula dense, the dreaded electrolytic cell, buffers and titrations. BS was kind of weird, best word I can describe. Very table and superfluous info dense bio passages with an emphasis on renal and immunosystems where we had to diagnose patients - hello! Kind of made me feel uncomfortable not knowing more than the table info! Manageable Ochem with straight forward Diehls Alder and epoxide-ring stuff. That's all I can remember.

All in not something I hope I have to do again. I'm not going to mailbox watch, but I really am wondering if I even pulled off a 25. I hate that unsure feeling.

Off to veg by the pool before resuming my long-neglected classwork!


We need more cowbell
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15+ Year Member
Jun 8, 2001
Evergreen State
  1. Resident [Any Field]
All I can say, is that the MCRAP is over and I'm sooooo relieved. This was my 2nd time taking it and it seemed so less stressful this time around...I had test form AG. Physical Science wasn't as crazy as I thought it was going to be...I finished with time to spare, which was something I was quite proud of! Verbal was bizarro...and Bio was just kind of EH. Organic was quite straightforward and the bio was kind of poopy. Kind of hard...lots of diagnostic type passages...big Alzheimer's passage!

Overall, I left not feeling overly excited about my performance, but glad to be done and have a few cocktails...it was a bit on the anti-climatic side. But I guess that's what it's suppossed to be...not hard, not easy.

Good job to everyone who survived! I'm sure you kids did just fine...just think, the APril test has a big CURVE! :wink: :D
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