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The Optometric Convention of 2009


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Aug 2, 2007
  1. Optometry Student
My name is Matthew Geller and I am leader of the Pre-Optometry club
that we have here over at SUNY Albany.

Are you interested in attending the biggest Pre-Optometry confrence of
2009 and meeting the leaders in the field of Optometry?

Myself and a classmate Rob Register created the Pre-Optometry club at the
end of our freshman year here at Albany and seeing as that we are now
seniors, accepted into Optometry school and graduating in May, we decided
to go out with a BANG!

We are holding an Optometric Convention on March 14th 2009 (Saturday
night) in the SUNY Albany Ball Room. Although we are planning the event
now, it will be a 3 hour FULLY CATERED event with many great guest

So seeing as this is an Optometry Forum , I assume you are all interested in the field of Optometry, so this
event is your chance to meet some great people in the field and to get your
name out there!

We plan to have Admissions Staff from NECO (Dr. Potaznick) and SUNY
Optometry (Dr. Johnston) to come and speak along with opticians,
optometrists, and ophthalmologists. Along with this there will be
pre-optometry students and current Optometry students speaking at the
event. As another treat we will be having Optometric business consultants
to come and discuss the business model of optometry. (Other guest speakers
from other optometry schools are still pending, but it is looking good!)

The event is going to be a one of a kind and absolutely phenomenal. We
know that everyone involved will truly benefit with this great exchange of
value and knowledge. Nothing like this has been done before so NOW is your
chance to RSVP to the greatest Optometric Convention for Pre-Optometry
students of 2009!

If you are interested, just send an e-mail to [email protected] or PM me
saying that you would like to attend. From here we can send you a formal
invitation and give you more details.

Also check out our club website at www.SUNYAlbanyPreOptometry.com

Thanks so much, we look forward to seeing you in March!

UA Pre-Optometry Club Creator,
Matthew Geller
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