The Optometrist I work with just recommended video games to a child...

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Nov 4, 2006
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how sweet is that - I wish my doctor would have done something like that back when i was a kid...

(the child had one eye weaker than the other, so he suggested he wear an eye patch on the good eye and play video games for 30 mins a day so the bad eye would have to work harder, thus making it stronger and eventually fixing the problem)

i hope i will keep this stuff in mind when I am a doctor - there are always lots of ways to treat a patient, lots and lots, some more exciting to each patient than others...

pointless thread i know... but seems to be more and more common these days as more and more people are sitting around waiting


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Aug 18, 2006
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That's a cool optometrist mikeinsd. These are the kinds of things that probably aren't taught in med school, but really make a difference in the doctor/patient relationship.

I was reading a book by a Harvard physician recently (White Coat?) and the author wrote about how a young boy with cancer needed to rinse his mouth twice a day with this solution that tasted really bad. One of the med students went to her locker where she kept small toys for the kid patients, and brought out a little racecar. And within a few minutes, the boy happily swished the solution in his mouth and spit it out onto the racecar (a car wash). How clever is that! :laugh:
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