The PharmD Career Guide (industry, clinical, alternative, etc.)

Feb 15, 2013
Hi Everyone,
I just joined this board to contribute, but I noticed there was a classified as well so I thought I'd make a post. I've been selling a career guide I wrote with some other PharmD's to about a dozen pharmacy schools throughout the US for the last six years but even though it was successful, I kind of lost interest in the whole business side as my career in the industry progressed. I genuinely wrote it to help pharmacy students discover the post-PharmD path for them - be it clinical, pharma industry (I grew up in NJ and have worked mostly in pharma myself), starting a retail pharmacy, managed care, etc. It goes through salary, how to get a certain position (as a student or as an established graduate), and what each job is all about. I would be willing to sell it for much cheaper than I did to the universities on here since I'd love to get it out to as many people as possible, so if you're interested let me know, I'll send you the TOC or something.
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