The Pocket OMT Manual (revisted)

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May 22, 2003
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Originally posted by Green912
Any chance of the manual showing up in school bookstores?
Since, the mods saw it best to move my thread to the Sales forum :( ... I'd just like to, again, say a newly published (within the past 2 months) OMT book, written by PCSOM students and faculty, is worth checking out in the Sales forum.


The book is brand new, so now our SOMA chapter is just working on getting the word out about the manual. I think last week's UAAO Convocation was the first time any of our students have seen the final product. I first saw it today and was blown away. I thought it was gonna be some flimsy lookin thing, but it's actually all of the OMT theory and technique condensed. At the least, one copy will get to each school.


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Jun 18, 2002
I wish I could say I was excited to hear another OMM book being released but seeing as how we're already learning 1 technique, 3 different ways from 3 different books already it doesn't exactly excite me to hear that our school will have another resource to mix and match its OMM from...

Two words sum up our 2007's most recent OMM adventure:

Charlie Foxtrox
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