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Howard Roark

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Jul 16, 2004

    I started out trying to use a ton of books, but by the end I was using just FIRST AID plus whatever i wrote in the margins from the other books i used. I would suggest only using other books apart from FIRST AID when u are reviewing a subject that u don't understand/know very well. But if you feel fairly comfortable with a subject stick with FIRST AID. Plus, of course, do as many questions as you can (ie kaplan, usmle, books, etc). I think the questions are very very important. I ended up scoring fairly well but (well above the national average (217 I think) and a good bit above my school's average (227)). Good luck to all. I know I did not offer and miracles or anything but I figured one more opinion couldnt hurt.

    on second might need an additional book on behavioral science. I dont remember FIRST AID covering that very well...and those are easy questions that you dont want to throw away.



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    Jul 19, 2003
    1. Attending Physician
      futuredo32 said:
      Did you use "just" First Aid?
      I went through FA & made flashcards for everything in there and then memorized all the flashcards (this is not as easy to do as one might think). also concurrently did 10% of Qbank so I could get used to taking a computer test.
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