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Dec 21, 2001
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My Sdn Peeps,
since now seems to be a time of 'stress' and hardship for those applying or taking the aug mcat I want to offer some inspiration-
or reality- that would hopefully make you realize how trivial and transient all of this is.
earlier today I learned that a family friend, 18 and bound for College, was recently diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis... To you and I that is a nightmare but for him it is reality. He will never again enjoy things he once took for granted.. his sight is slowly wearing among other things. He is NO different from you or I.
what I have learned-- Think about your current worries and then think about those that others your age must face and then come to the conclusion that worry and fear are useless solutions-in any setting..

Check out the MS world 'twenty something' message board(not to different from SDN) and you'll understand more about others and hopefully yourself.



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Mar 22, 2002
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screw the mcat! :laugh:

seriously, though, that's so sad :( the saddest part is that it often takes something like this to realize just how lucky most of us are. it seems like they've been working on a cure for ms for so long now. remember the ms readathon? i wonder if they still do that. sorry about your friend. that's really tough -- especially at that age. i hope he is still able to go to college and will be able to find some medicine to help slow the progression of the disease.


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Feb 4, 2000
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Life usually has a way of making people look at what they have...or don't have...and realize that it could always be worse.

My best wishes to your friend.
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Jun 9, 2002
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yeah biff, I hear you. unfortunately my eldest sister has been in a fight with breast cancer since a while before i started studying for the april test (and she's on the road to a great recovery thankfully). Its funny how we all tend to whine incessantly about verbal reasoning and line spacing in our personal statements like they're the end of the world, but its all so banal when your family and friends are whats really worth worrying about in life. I wish the best for your friend's situation.
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