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Jan 2, 2008
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Hey guys, I am in need of some advice about what to do for the next 5-6 months.

I took the MCAT recently and got an okay score but was a little cocky and did not take a formal prep course in achieving it and have decided to enroll in the Kaplan course for the next four months over TPR because of the plethora of online material it encompasses and other additives (Flash cards, Quicksheets, High Yield Review, and Lesson Book) to obtain a much higher score than what I currently hold. I am taking a very light course load this semester and plan on basically just doing this course for the semester and load up on EC hours to dedicate ample time to study.

My friend is enrolling in TPR for the exact same time period and we hope to combine the materials that we have to maximize our scoring power after the completion of both of our courses. Now I understand that it is nearly impossible to complete both courses in this time frame let alone the Kaplan course, so I was just wondering, what should I definitly complete from TPR after I finish the entire Kaplan course and do all the material, and I literally mean all the material (AAMC, subject/topical/section tests, AAMC, high yield, Q-Bank, etc.. time will permit)? Basically what resources make TPR course so beneficial besides the instructors, which I will not have access to? Can you possibly provide a ranking system of some sort?
(Science Workbook, In Class Compendum, TPR CBTs, ???)

Also, would it even be necessary to do any of TPR materials when I complete the course? Would all the materials from Kaplan suffice for a maximal score or am I forgetting something I should supplement?

Thanks guys, take care and Happy Holidays to all.

rama kandra

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Nov 16, 2008
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er I would just figure out what areas or topics you are not doing so hot in practice AAMC's and just go over those specific areas in both Kaplan and TPR in depth. I would think they both have strenghts and weaknesses but its very subjective depending on the person.

Im weak in physics so I am using every resource possible, but for Orgo I will only study EK and use TPR on a minor topic that I don't know if I am great with yet.
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