Dec 23, 2012
Dental Student
Hello to all the dentist/dental students reading this thread

I thought would be nice to compare clinical work across different schools so dental students across the country can see what type of clinical work is being done at different schools.

It also provides more information for pre-dents and gives them more insight to what type of clinical work they can expect from each school.

Please post in a format similar to the following:


x number of cleaning/hygiene

x number of fillings

x number of extractions including surgical

x number of dentures (F/F, P/- etc)

x number of crowns/bridge (G/PFM/etc)

x number of endo cases (ant/post)

special cases:

Rules of this thread:

-Absolutely no breach of patient confidentiality

If this thread takes off maybe one of the mods can pin this thread :)